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Los Angeles, CA,

Offering the best of Artisanal and Designers products from all Latin America with a modern style.




At Nomah Project we not only sell, but also the distributors of some of our brands in the US and European markets. Please call us to schedule an appointment to visit our Los Angeles based showroom to learn more about our current lines.


Daniela Bustos Maya



A jewel herself, this amazing designer represents the culture and traditions of Mexico by creating beautiful pieces with vintage coins and crochet techniques. Each of her unique designs are 100% handmade with the support of the Mayan women of Merida in Yucatan. Daniela has previously worked on collaborations with Madewell, Club Monaco, and sold her work through Moda Operandi.


Home Goods

Joana Valdez from Merida, Yucatan and Karim Molina from Venezuela partnered to create Ayres.  Inspired by their historical roots that highlight the beauty of the materials, Ayres works with natural materials such as Guayacan and Tzalam woods, lava rock, marble and natural leathers. The process is completely handmade allowing each object to be a unique piece.

Karim Molina and Joana Valdez

Karim Molina and Joana Valdez

Patricia Paramo

Patricia Paramo



Founder and designer Patricia Paramo is behind the dainty and stylish designs at Parpala jewelry. Patricia strongly believes in the healing properties of gemstones, and decided to emphasize the meaning of each stone through each piece she creates. Every piece she creates is uniquely crafted & individually handmade in Mexico and the US. Patricia takes extra care in gathering only the highest quality materials to create unique & exquisite items that include a touch of spirituality.